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Enjoy the magic of the world's largest known fully LED lit LEGO® city; foster your creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness; and watch our museum-quality LEGO® city exhibit with lights grow to over 1,500 baseplates and a population of over 5,000 citizens!
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LEGO City Expansion Plans to 1500 Baseplates
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The Largest, Fully LED Lit, Museum-Quality, LEGO® Brick City Theme Exhibit in the World

createThank you for visiting our LEGO® brick city exhibit site to enjoy all of our beautiful video content. The goal of our one-of-a-kind LEGO® city exhibit is to make a difference in people's lives by fostering creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness in children and adults of all ages. Seeing videos of our current fully LED lit LEGO® city exhibit which covers 274 baseplates is a totally unique experience, and is a must-see for anyone who has ever enjoyed building LEGO® brick kits. And even more exciting, we already own all of the LEGO® kits for our next exhibit build which will be six times the size of our current exhibit. Our next city exhibit will include over 90% of the kits released since 1980 which we felt were suitable for a town display under the themes of LEGO® City, LEGO® System, Legoland, LEGO®, LEGO® Creator 3-in-1, and LEGO® Creator Expert; along with numerous kits from LEGO® NINJAGO, LEGO® Harry Potter™, LEGO® Technic, LEGO® Disney™, LEGO® Ideas, LEGO® Stranger Things, LEGO® Speed Champions, and other LEGO® themes as well. The goal of our next exhibit is to create the largest, thoughtfully organized, beautifully detailed, fully LED lit, highly populated, multi-cultural, museum-quality LEGO® city ever built for everyone to enjoy seeing.

The Amazing Results From Our First Full Year of Inspiring Children and Adults Around the World

having fun with LEGODuring our first year of having our LEGO® brick city videos online, they were watched over 400,000 times by visitors from 81 different countries around the world. But even more importantly, because LEGO® is so popular worldwide, slightly more than 75% of our total views were from people who reside outside of the United States. One of our goals has always been and will continue to be to enrich the lives of people around the world regardless of their location.

Whether you currently have a LEGO® city in the process of being built, plan on resurrecting your old LEGO® bricks to make a glorious new creation for your own enjoyment, or for your children or grandchildren, or just have very fond memories of your time building LEGO® kits in the past, our videos will inspire you, brighten your day, and feed your imagination. They are truly a must-see for anyone who has ever enjoyed building LEGO® brick kits. When we are surrounded by various forms of art, music, crafts, tools, building materials, and machines, we grow to higher levels of awareness and develop an interest in becoming more creative. People of all ages benefit from in-depth exploration and long-term open-ended constructive projects that foster creativity such as building with LEGO® bricks. These types of activities nurture curiosity, imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness and the desire to learn new information and ideas.


"I no have education. I have inspiration. If I was educated, I would be a damn fool".
- Bob Marley (Singer, songwriter, and musician)

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"LEGO® toys build anything - especially pride" - The LEGO® Group

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